This weekend...

Oh boy, this weekend was packed ...wait, what did I do again? I love the weekends {I get an extra full day - Friday - to add to my weekend each week}, they are full of refreshment for me and time just sitting on my bed reading books or championing sudoku my roommates throughout the years will attest, I love them.

So in between activities I found time to:

Make a bunch of long skirts for Africa {apparently, knees = scandalous}
Ride a motorcycle with a friend
Sort through all my clothes and practice pack for Africa
Clean up the gi-normous! mess that was once and now is again my sewing desk {seriously, it was bad}
Have a lovely lunch @ Aster Cafe in NE Minneapolis with friends from church
Hang with my super sweet friend Ruth ... who happens to be getting married this fall
Tap into a 3-hour nap {yes!}
Finish reading Perelandra
Pick my roommate up from the Megabus ... dude that's a shady place
Welcome a new roommates int
Write a lovely little batch of "thank-you" notes
Sing a bunch of praises to God - I love going to be with my church family
Hang out with another awesome friend who has joined team: Cote d'Ivoire - we ate ice cream by the lake!
Hang out with yet another beautiful friend - Jess - at the Tea Garden on Grand Ave. in St. Paul
Hang out with yet another beautiful friend - Jess {yes, another friend Jess} - at Patina and Everyday People on Grand Ave in St. Paul

All to say that once could very easily be burdened by the unanswered prayers & waiting - to unknowns, oh, but no thank you - this week I'm burying myself in His love.

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