An Outing: Teddy Bear Park

One fine Sunday afternoon ... err, yesterday, to be precise....a gaggle of young folk set out with an even younger folk to frolic in Teddy Bear Park.  T'was a successful adventure, complete with laughter, friends, ice cream from Nelson's and lots and lots of drooling.  Lots. What a sweet afternoon with such lovely people - friends & family.

Smiliest "adopted" nephew ever...

Kisses from Aunt Lydia & Aunt Shasta

"Oh please, mom, I'm a superstar..."

"Phew! I sure do like sitting on Shasta's head"

"This is my favorite game!"

"Presenting my mother...the gymnast! Gabby Douglas, I've found your training partner!" - Ry


"Ah! I love this part!"

"Boy I sure do like slides! They make my hair look particularly sch-nazzy!"

Stellar drool shot, Ry!

Ack! Don't tell my roommate!

Ice cream break, please!

You are loved.

photos by KaitlinMike Graff and Lydia Russell