Collections: Pauline Baynes

When I was a little girl, my parents always let me stay up later than my bed time if I was reading - then, one Easter in my early primary years, I received the complete "Chronicles of Narnia" box set - which by the look of them have been well loved and oft-used. Not only is every book bound with spare packing tape & most every novel has a few pages left loose from over use - but they hold inside the most beautiful prints and pictures. Now, I am naturally biased since my name is derived from the third book of the Chronicles - "The Horse and His Boy" - but I cherish them as much as my childhood blankie {which I still have and sleep with & recently reinforced with clean white flannel ... I com'on its 23 years old, dude needed some help).

In honor of Pauline Baynes' beautiful illustrations I've put some together to show - a few of my favorites.