Refuge & Strength

One of the reasons I keep a blog is to be able to share, honest, the ups and downs of life as a believer in Jesus & being an inhabitant of this slightly off-the-wall body & personality of mine. I am a human. As my soon to be teammates, Steve and Jessica Willman, have said while they were preparing to leave for Cote d'Ivoire:

"I would like to cry out to you! Please pray for us! Here are something that we're really just struggling with right now" {I need prayer for these things too}:

Pray for passion for the work we believe God has called us to.
Pray for surrender of all of this to God, through which everything happens.
Pray for peace about God's time line, not ours.
Pray for contentment, that we would continue strong in our lives still in the States.
Pray for preparation and that we would be continually growing closer to the Lord.
Pray for provision - that God would bring the right people to partner with us at the right time, {that all the student loan issues would get worked out and that I would sell my car in time.}

God has provided in so many ways this year: a job when I needed, a different job when I couldn't handle the stress of the previous one, friends in a lonely place, a car right when I needed it, a host family to live with so I could move from home, a roommate so I could move out from the host family when it was time, another roommate when the first one had to move out, summer housing when my lease expired, just the right amount of income to meet my bills and eat, and most importantly all the sweet friendships I've gotten to make while waiting for His next move.

So I am thankful! So I am waiting.   original image