the longer road...

Just a quick update for everyone who has been in prayer and support - thank you so much for your love and help on this journey. 
This weekend I found myself in Flagstaff, AZ enjoying my friends and the most beautiful landscape I've seen in years...Arizona is not a desert...well, not entirely. Its green and warm, rocky and gentle. Did I mention there are flowers? Because there are. A lot. I spent a lot of time with Jesus, walking the trails and praying, asking for direction. It was a wedding weekend for my best friend - grace oozing out every part of the ceremony, every bridesmaid losing it in tears, myself included. It was a strange backdrop to receive the news that I was not going to be in Africa this fall.

That's right team, no go this fall -- I think God must have some plans for this winter. It wasn't just me - two other teammates will stay behind and wait with me until February, when we prepare to try again. He is a good God, he let's me wrestle with Him and cry and laugh and sing and ... repeat. I am not a super-Christian, just a broken little gal who wants to journey deeper with Jesus & learn what it means to love those in need.

So this is part of the longer road. This road that detours past Cote d'Ivoire this fall will make another bend again this winter. This road is fully stocked - I have a place to live and my employer wants me to stay on for a couple of weeks while I figure out what to do for the next few months. I am really happy that I get to be patient ... who says that right?!

But resting September means I get to grow a lot more before I leave for another culture. It means I get to say "I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing or what God is up to...but I sure do love Him and want to be with Him in this road". I can't really put it in a box. Faith is hard to tie a ribbon on -- I'm so glad I'm on this road to Cote d'Ivoire & I'm so glad He's with me on the longer way there.

The next few days I will be in Texas & Colorado - I'll fly to Denver to send off my teammates that are leaving September 12th and I'll spend the next few months finishing up support raising and hopefully preparing to leave in February! If you'd like to join me on the way to minister in Cote d'Ivoire {still walking towards this place that holds my heart}, pop on over to my support page and join for as a monthly teammate or give a one-time gift! Anything helps and encourages - whether its $5 or $5000 - its a blessing to me.

Love, Shasta