this weekend...

This weekend... Flying over fields and mountains, clouds - big puffy ones - passing my little window. Airplanes are stifling, claustrophobic hulls that soar over life - miles and miles of blooming life. Rrrrrrr-whooosh and you're looking at the Mall of America like a dollhouse you coveted as a child...well I did. I landed in Houston, I landed in Denver, I came home to Minneapolis ... did a week really pass? Wake up everyday in a strange bed, but oh how I'm happy to be here. 

After attending my friend's wedding in Arizona two weekends ago, I left the Midwest once again to visited my family in Houston.  A few days getting to know my cousins and I headed off for Denver to meet my team as they prepared to leave for Cote d'Ivoire on Wednesday.  It was refreshing and simultaneously difficult to train and prepare with them, knowing I'd still have to wait another 5 months to join them.  I met Eric, Haylei & Rebecca in the airport and we traveled to World Venture headquarters together - my already-friend-and-JC-teammate, Emily, joined us for a picnic in Daniels Park that evening; we munched on grapes and crackers while overlooking the Front Range - the sun setting over their peaks. 

Its hard to be anxious with that sight in your eyes. 

What's in store for this fall...

I bid them goodbye on a train between terminals - they to Africa - me to Minnesota & a season of unknowns.  My job is ending in 3 weeks and I'll be on the lookout for something to fill in the gaps while I continue support raising.  Its the up and downs of trusting Jesus - no one gives you a manual on how to be 23-years-old-broke-single-and-carless. Truth be told, its actually really lovely to see how God provides - to let go of control and be free from every way you think you're "supposed to live life".  No "5-year plans" to be found here - just a bicycle and song and hope in my heart.  All eyes on Him.  I'll still be working on support raising (currently at about 60%) through the fall & winter - looking to launch in February.  

Thank you ... to everyone who has joined my support team, thank you for patiently waiting with me on God's timing to reach Cote d'Ivoire.  Thank you for investing in Ivorians and spreading the Gospel in that place - to let others know about Jesus and His love. Its the best job in the world :) If you'd like to learn more about my heart for ministry in Cote d'Ivoire and Journey Corps, follow me here for a short video one of my teammates put together....and this one is just for fun ;)



{p.s - the shop is open again...well sort apparel coming soon!}