Red flannel....dress

This weekend I spent a few hours in my sewing "cave" and finished the work on the second Nani Iro dot dress - wearing it right now, in fact. I love it's cozy warm feeling on my skin - the longer skirt drapes down to meet my boots. This is a winter dress. Flannel, pockets. Need I go on?

This morning witnessed the launch of my first sewing lesson with Annabel - she's repurposing a stunningly orange dress, a family heirloom from the '70s - a lace overlay is in the mix :)

Later, evening came, dinner was scarfed and my roommate and I joined the throngs of p.debate-chasers and treated ourselves to the first Christmas song of the season (compliments of Dave Barnes) to ease the impact of the political shenanigans - I have a hard time listening to arguments I can't participate in and my research has conclusively proved that yelling at the tv is highly ineffective and a leading cause of sore throats. Alas. I'm glad Jesus is born soon after the election.