this week...ombre, watercolor & lindy

Greetings to you from the "netherlands (literally 'low-lands') of the library, deep in the belly of Bernsten  I have whiled away many hours to bring you this masterpiece of layout design - inspired by "Creature Comforts" and lovingly crafted by this fine lady, I give you my week in instas....

Ombre Experiment: a previously shared project that is now complete sans ironing - hand-dyed fabric has always fascinated me, compelled by the obsession to find the perfect shade of mustard (though not shown here) and cerulean - I have now completed my masquerade costume.  Still not quite sure what I am ... a princess...a swan...what's with the blue...???  But nevertheless, my amalgamation is complete! The dying processes was a synch! I just followed the directions on the fabric dye package.

Watercolor Trials: when I was little, I was an-art-flop - to be precise. A firm lack of confidence & skill led to half projects.  Then I discovered I was a whizz at copying things...and as it turns out "nothing is new under the sun" anyways and "copies" led to originals inspired by the beautiful ideas in the world. All to say, I never thought I could paint...anything, but I was oh so wrong and saw the beautiful of watercolor throughout the blog-o-sphere and tried my hand at it.  Insta no. 1 is a series of my trials from 1 a.m. this morning ... what can I say, art kick, its better than coffee. The other two are inspirations from other artists that I worked with last night.

Aster Cafe: Ladies and gentleman, escape to Paris circa 1934 via Aster Cafe on St. Anthony Main, Minneapolis.  Lucky for me its a short walk from church on Sunday mornings. We coaxed my dear friend Emily into Lindy-ing with us in between sandwich bites.  Hmm, ham and aioli for me please. 

I hope your day has been lovely and you felt the fall breeze a bit.