a dreadful temptation...

Living by an airport really is a dreadful temptation for one such as me .... planes greet me in the early morning as I lay awake reading Anne of Green Gables before I finally make it to my closet for the morning wrestle with the laundry basket.  I HAVE A CLOSET! A real one, all to myself. Huzzah.  Hm, hmhmm (clears throat) ... anyways, as I said, it really is an awful disruption to my morning contentment meditations for I simply want to jump on a plane to Majorca (that's a gorgeous island off the coast of Spain...yeah, I know) and set up a B & B .... not gonna happen but dreaming is lovely.

from benliney.com
Instead I wait patiently day by day in the unknown-ness of the future and listen to Shane and Shane sing "if Your Presence goes I don't want to stay, if Your Presence stays I don't wanna go...".  This is therapy.

In other news, the Christmas Edition of Craft & Wine Night proceeds without a hitch....well, it hasn't happened yet but so far so good! Pottery this time - bowls and ornaments. I love getting to test/practice all these crafts - right now my dear roommates ironing board is acting as a potter's stage, complete with slip clay, carving tools, protective cloth and oodles of broken attempts...I still need practice.