Another use for duct tape...

My family home is in the country, and come Christmas its like a meeting of the adolescent sci-fi video game association. Its great, I love my bros and think they turned out pretty well...I just don't happen to enjoy shooting the brains out of an armored alien while I sit drooling out of my half slit zombie-like mouth. Minnnnnnddd-melt. Snap! "Oh, yeah....uh..what did you say? I was busy saving Princess Peach".

I digress. I had enough of the solo-only-girl-thing so I kindly coerced my brother Hunter to wrap me up in duct-tape and make a life size replica of me. I needed a dress form. He likes duct-tape. This was in our favor.

I would like to give a special thanks to mom and Klaus for providing the duct-tape for this adventure (so if you're looking for your missing rolls, be comforted in the knowledge that they contributed to substantial sibling bonding...yes, I see that pun.)