Craft & Wine Night IV Recap - Ikea hack

That afternoon the wind had begun to pick up, I walked out of the Richfield liquor store with my bottle of Moscato (girl wine) and straight into a freezing gust of Alberta-made-air. I couldn't take a step forward without loosing my balance. It was the blustery-ness of fall meeting the hardness of the middle of January. Whatever. I'm a Minnesotan. I eat cold for breakfast. (We won't mention that that was the only time I went out all day). Anyways, we made lanterns that night. It was lovely.

Lantern tutorial:  Supplies
  • Ikea lattice tin candle can (see picture) or other pretty can to function as a "shade"
  • At least 20 inches of 18mm gage wire (Michaels - must fit through,lattice holes and be sturdy enough to support your candle holder)
  • Glass tea light candle holder - with a curved edge so the holder won't fall through the wire basket you're going to make for it
  • Tea light candle
  • Twine - thick enough to hang your lantern from without causing the Great Chicago Fire
  • Hammer, nail pliers, wire cutter

1. Pound two holes into bottom of lattice tin candle can - thread a small piece of wire through holes and bend to make a ring - tie length (you choose how long) of twine to ring - this is how your lantern will hang without catching the twine on fire.

2. Take a length of wire (I'm sorry I don't have exact measurements) and wrap it around your glass tea light candle holder 2-3 times - it should be snug so the holder doesn't fall through but not so tight you can't thread another piece of wire through it.  Attach two wires to your wire circle (it should now look like a circle with two straight wires attached to the sides, even to each other).

3.  Place your glass tea light candle holder in the wire basket you have just made and thread the loose wires each through a lattice hole through the inside on opposite sides of your Ikea lattice "shade" - bend the wires over and thread through a nearby hole and back into the inside of the shade. Twist back around your wire to secure.

4. Now you can bend your "basket" back and forth to safely retrieve the glass holder whenever you need to light your tea candle.

5. If you have any questions or difficulty - leave a comment and I will try to help you out!