Designer's Journal

Have you been to Aster's Cafe yet? I told you about it a few months ago, remember the food and live band? It's grand. I popped over for a weekend evening concert and saw so many familiar faces, I was in extrovert heaven. I drank orange juice. I thought, "why don't we do this more often?"

I also thought, "I wish I could still see my friends at school all the time, man, that was so convenient." Then someone smashed in the window of my friend's car. That was cold. I don't think the thief cared that it was the 2nd 9th shortest day of the year...did you catch that?

On a happier note, support raising is going well - only $7000 more to go! Can you help? Just a smidge? Click that lovely "give button" on the side.

Oh! I also designed a new logo for a floral studio in Chicago - this was just one of the drafts.