Idol factor

My mind and heart are a hothouse for distraction, vain ambition, conceit and incongruities. All killjoys in the end. Why have I fallen to the leeching of hipness and jealous lusting instead of the satisfying haven of contentment, wholeness and thankful trust. By what authority do I judge the fitness of people and things a part from Truth - not cool-ness nor clever-ness, not beauty of face nor figure. These are passing, vain, unequal, subjective winds - whims of culture, time, chance half truths to rot the foundations of love, fidelity, faith and gentleness - robbers of all good nature and corruptors of life - the treadmill nazis which keep me running.

For one day I will be old and wrinkled and tomorrow I may not be clever. Fame may elude me for all temporal time and ambitions crumble in the harsh wind. Am I therefore less because my path took me away from the crowns of Kings? Then shall my life be spent? A meaningless gaping, subordinate to the rich, beautiful and newly intelligent. Are the slow doomed to shame and the poor to unfulfilled existence? No, there is a better way that gives life to all and loves the weary that they may see they have unfaltering value in His eyes.