A love letter to morning

Dear Morning,

I love you. There I said it, now you know my true feelings. I know this may come as a surprise to you - I've been so shy and subtle in my affections, but I've never met anyone as lovely as you. You make my day and your loveliness is soft and unassuming. I know there are others who either cannot, because of life circumstances, or will not, appreciate you; but I do. You are my favorite. I love it when we get up together slowly and quietly and sweetly. You come through my window and kiss my cheek. We dream together for a few moments and think of all the nice things that have happened yesterday. Morning, you are so peaceful - I love sharing my favorite things with you: my new brown hat that I wear to pretend I'm Anita in 1924, the journal where I write to my Father and sketch happy things, my cloth - lace - my rucksack - my favorite things. Morning, thank you for always being there for me - I'm so sorry for being upset with you, I know you come because you love me too.

Yours always,