Portfolio Vol. 4: the random requests

Today I took some time off of nannying to recoup after an intense weekend. I thought I'd maybe go home, shovel some snow, get my creative on and go to bed. Nope, something better - my co-worker asked me to design invites for his Senior Saxophone Recital, today, like right now. Ok! I got this. I really love random requests that I can fill. I was really flattered, actually - I don't have any official training in design, so anytime someone asks, I definitely thank God for letting me make things for others. So we ended up pulling it off in little under two hours - sweet! Thank you Emily Conners for makin' your retro classy fonts! Then, Elena, Ami and I went swimming and ate reheated sesame chicken: girl you really need to throw that crusty-mccrust rice out.