Synesthesia - Colored Numbers

A few years ago I was sitting around a table in Perkins after some college band performance, etc, and this gal from the flute section starts talking about how she sees music in colors - like literally imagines colors as she plays - its the same with letters and numbers - days of the week have their own back stories and even people have colors.  (And I'm like, um yeah, dude, me too....doesn't everyone do that...).

Then the oboist to my right and sax maniac chime in with a .... "that's weird, really, you mean like numbers and letters have specific colors associated with them in your mind...??? ... ok...." So flute girl and I start gabbing it up about how we thought everyone did this, duh, its just natural: "One is blue, two is yellow, S is lavender, M is red, Keith is orange and Jeff is definitely maroon, Monday is a type A librarian, and Thursday makes fun of Friday and Monday for being cliche". Right about this time, I can hear some of you saying this...."Yes, we all knew she was odd, but did we know she was this odd."

This crazy little thing we do is called Synesthesia. The picture above shows how I literally think about numbers - pretty much always in these colors - 8 is a solid purple .... I think it has something to do with octopuses. Anyways, I recall learning my addition in 3rd grade with my mom - we were sitting on the swing set and I started telling her how I knew that 3 + 4 = 7 because red/orange + blue = green ... err...of course...  Of course, every synesthetic (is that even a word?? well, it is now) is different.  I don't see music in colors like her, I think she was a bit more intense than I am. But its sort of fun, to know that your brain does wonky little things sometimes and that there's probably a Synesthesia cult out there with a seat reserved for you. ;)