Craft and Wine Night Recap + Wood Framed Map Tutorial

We had a smashing time making wood framed stitched maps on Saturday - thanks to Em, Sam, and David!

Emily gave a nod to her family heritage by tracing a heart around Sweden, I calligra-fied the Swedish word for "family" just above it. David mapped out the perfect roadtrip across Ireland and Sam marked every stop on his recent Navy deployment - but I can't tell you where, he'd have to shoot me.

Tutorial: Hand-stitched Wood Framed Maps

Materials: Map, Wooden Frame (large enough to house your map), Cardstock or Cardboard, Glue stick, Wood Glue or E-6000, Needle, Contrasting Thread, wine (optional).

Step 1: Stitch your design onto map with needle and thread (ex. a heart around favorite place visit, a route you traveled on a roadtrip, etc). Add any writing to your design at this time.

Step 2: Using a paper-friendly glue, stick map onto piece of cardstock/cardboard big enough to cover the back of your frame.  Make sure to center your map. **Note: You can skip steps 2-4 if you have a pre-made picture frame the size of your map**

Step 3: Using a wood-safe glue, stick cardstock/map piece to wooden frame, center.

Step 4: Trim any extra cardstock/cardboard from the edges of frame.

Step 5: Voila! You are now the proud owner of a beautiful custom-stitched map - hang according to frame instructions or attach wall piece found at your local hardware store.