this weekend....

This week has been quite the meteorological struggle - this morning I dug my Camry out of 2 feet of snow before work, listened to coverage of the Boston Marathon Man Hunt and guzzled down a glass from the tap - and all I wanted to be doing was reading a good book in bed. Mmm, reading in bed. 

The sewing studio has been a flurry over the past month: building the bodice of a wedding dress, creating a veil from scratch for a friend, slowly putting together a rucksack for Cote d'Ivoire, and planning the next Craft & Wine Night. 

I think I need a breather, one evening when I can sit and work on all the lovely things I've been meaning to get to with the guy in close vicinity. I love creating. There is just something about being completely absorbed in a project, thanking, truly thanking Jesus for being able to make pretty things. It gives me so much satisfaction to have the time to just dream and create. To love what I've made and be comfortable in my own skin. 

Creating is stressful too, especially when you have two separate creative visions at play. 

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