This weekend

Blithe - what a great word. I'd say Pippin was rather blithe, wouldn't you? Sometimes I wish I were a boy so I could smoke a pipe and wear britches without awkwardness - maybe if I were on safari or something else rather rugged, they'd have to let me. Ill have to get new boots for that. Well, I didn't go on anything so exciting this weekend, but I DID watch an awful love of British television whilst sewing and painting. Also played some silly games with the nanny boys - their favorite is "tackle Shasta" - you know, one of those things you start when you have a freak episode of energy and then the kiddos ask to play every time you're over?? Yeah, that's "tackle Shasta".  

In other news, WARMTH! Did you know I spent the whole of this evening drinking spiked raspberry tea on the veranda (and by that of course I mean our 3-season porch in back that I like to call "the veranda" in my head) drawing and watching some bootleg 1940's espionage movie with my roommate. Oh summer, you were missed.