Fabric Design

In honor of our upcoming Craft & Wine Night, when we will be designing our own fabric, I wanted to share some of my favorite conception de tissu. (Yes, that's French, get with the program folks - I'm going to Africa!)

I really enjoy the bright red and nature motif of this design - its organic-in-your-face  cubicle refugee

I think this is probably my favorite fabric right now - its also got an "earthy" vibe with its handpainted strokes - I am in awe of Jenny at Wiksten - she has an eye for this stuff. wikstenmade

I believe this is a Liberty London print (aka most expensive fabrics....ever...most beautiful fabrics ever....I think I've seen a couple in "Call the Midwife" this season. whitneydeal

Floral, Asian, 'nough said. found here

Its like a painting for your legs. found here

Surprise, I like the hand painted look, also partial to pink. ashleyg
I find the hand-drawn pattern pretty interesting - and the dots, dots are cool. found here

Simple, sweet, elegant = my love nazara lazaro

Hand- drawn fauna - very sweet and simple. Bethan Janine

Wow, will someone please teach me how to do this? Sierra Leone Heritage

I really enjoy the simple prints - I think I'll try my hand at the blue birds for Craft and Wine Night. If She Sleeps

The rustic/ethnic prints get me too - they make me ask questions and wonder about the history of their threads/patterns.  Do they have meaning? Where did they come from? Moods of the Moon