Instagramed Week: May

Dearest May, thank you for arriving - I know you enjoy being fashionably late but spring fashion is for the birds. Please let them enjoy it earlier next year.

In the mornings, I have begun to get up early (and by early, I mean more than 10 minutes before I have to leave for work...still haven't completely kicked the old college habits...) and enjoy breakfast on the back screened porch.  I sketch, drink iced tea and soak in sun among the lilacs. Yes, its heaven. A few days ago, I finished the little rhino, pictured above, and added a fourth to my little safari collection. Its a'growin'!

When did I get so busy...too busy to write?! My days are full of little breaks between each project: first work, then sewing, then sketching, then hangin', then a party, then gardening, lunch with a friend...emails, texts, phone calls. I find relief by taking a quick walk in the courtyard, pick a few flowers off the trees and other nature-y things. Its needed. Everything is gearing up for the BIG MOVE this fall and so many last minute things to take care of - creativity and nature are my solace - time to rest and enjoy this life. I know I'm not the only one.