New Release: The Pursuit Project - EP

Let me tell you a story...there once was a fellow named Chris (Bell), who was about to graduate from school.  Chris loved music, Jesus, and all that succeed (as in "come from") such things - he also had a huge senior audio project due at the end of the year. 

Chris was a jovial dude with talented friends who were all invited to join him in this endeavor and from this marriage of loves and talents, they birthed: "The Pursuit Project". 

One day, one of his gifted friends took this author down to their recording studio and played a song for her about Peter - she was taken by the honest-grittiness of the lyrics and fetching quality of the stringed rhythms coming off the guitar. Fluff aside: she like it, a lot. Never mind that the talented friend was her boyfriend, it was good. Turns out there were more songs  .... 5 more ... so she listened. Over and over in the car, on the way to work, and she smiled.