Journey Corps Update + Organics

Its been such a long time waiting, I can hardly believe its coming up so quickly! I haven't had time to breathe with all the activities going on this spring - so many projects: 2 bridal clutch orders and a wedding dress, a rucksack for myself, a dress or two, a dress for Micah's sister, oh! and I am learning to knit (had to start over a bajillion times, but the red scarf that's slowly evolving seems to be worth it!)  . Dear Lord, this is crazy! 

On a cooler note: I've been experimenting with homemade cosmetics...sort of. I purchased a beautiful jar of coconut oil from Trader Joe's a week ago and I have used it for lotion, shaving cream, eye make-up remover, and deodorant. I also played around with moisturizer and facial scrubs - its been glorious - my face is much happier, softer, and there are definitely less pimples goin' around ... probably 'cause I've been showering more. ;) 

I decided to try out homemade/organic for a couple different reasons:

1. I love trying new things and being able to make what I put on or in my body - it helps me stay connected to what I'm doing and what I'm spending money on + the hyper creative factor. Same thing with making my own clothes

2. I've heard that using basic natural ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera juice leave your skin feeling much healthier then the chemical stuff - so I thought I'd test it out! 

3. I knew I wouldn't be able to bring a year's supply of cosmetics with me to Cote d'Ivoire, but I might be able to find the ingredients I need for homemade stuff at the local market - maybe it'll save space in my luggage! The less bottles, the better!