Last Weekend: My Best Friend's Wedding

On June 1st, one of my best buds, Noelle, was wed to Cam Hill in Somerset, WI - a stone's throw away from my hometown. Noelle and I lived in Colorado together a few years ago, but more than that, she was the first person I met at college, we lived across the hall for two years and we were studying the same thing - now we work together at a local coffee shop and I'd say apart from the fact that she's the most "granola" gal I know, we were probably cloned from the same egg.  

Since I got a "+1", Micah and I drove down from the cities to the Marty Farm and definitely arrived early - which, of course, I didn't mind because 1/2 of all my closest friends were present and we "hobnobbed" with the best of 'em for the better part of an hour. Micah took most of the lovely photos with my camera while we waited.

Then the "A-list" showed up (read: Laura, Whit & her husband, Derek) and we made an exhibition of one the back rows, where we were all absolutely soaked as it began to rain. 

Two other wonderful people, Ruth Moua and Dana Amundson, friends from college, dressed in coral & mint and sauntered in the rain down the aisle as bridesmaids.

After the ceremony, everyone booked it to the barn - yes, folks, a real wooden Wisconsin barn complete with string lights, coffee bar - staffed by Jordan Hubred and his lovely wife Chelsea and their new biz, "Nomad Coffee Cart", donuts and the yummiest potato bar I've ever tasted (mostly because there was curry, lots of curry, and feta cheese involved). 

This whole weekend was really healing for my soul - I missed these gals. I did nothing but play and laugh and we certainly enjoyed ourselves.  Laura played a show at The Beat Coffeehouse the day before the wedding and we enjoyed seeing her live (outside of our dorm room) in concert for the first time!