Journey Corps Update: June 2013

Salut, comment ça va? J'aime l'été, et vous? C'est chaud! And that is the extent of my French, but I'm learning.

Breaking news: I now have my launch date! On August 31st, I will travel to Denver, CO to meet my new team and prep for departure to Cote d'Ivoire on September 3rd. Since I have approx85% of my support, {only about $3000 more to go} I can buy my plane ticket and head to the field!

Can you believe its actually happening?! One year later and Jesus has provided everything I needed to wait and finally serve in Bouake with Journey Corps. 
I've got my suitcase, passport, and I'm slowly assembling my wardrobe and toiletries for the year sojourn into a new way of life. Am I excited? Yes! Am I nervous? You got it!

I suppose this would be the spot where I could list out prayer requests for all the things that need to get done in the next few months, but honestly, even though there are things to do, I just want to have some sweet times with God.

I want a restful soul. Its fine if I forget the toothpaste or have to buy a rain jacket when I get there. I will survive.
It hasn't been an easy journey, as you well know. Most days, I spend my energy trying to figure out problems on my own, worrying if I'll have enough to make it all the way. But everything I've needed has come from Him. Everything.

I guess worrying is a default state of mind if you don't protect yourself from it. I've come to appreciate how very much God's wisdom is tied to His love for us. 
But, I want my soul to be ready. I want a peaceful, trustful heart - because that's what is going to get me through the next year of changes and unexpected somethings.

So, can we make a deal? I'll pray for you and you for me - that we'll have restful, trusting, quiet souls this summer?

Your friend always, Shasta
Craft & Wine Night - July 20th, 7pm.

Making: Constellation Embroidery

Join a lovely evening of making and soirée-ing with beautiful friends.

Cost - $5 for supplies + anything you'd like to donate towards helping to get this little gal to Côte d'Ivoire - no pressure, just come as you are to have a lovely time, and learn some lovely new things.
Shasta Feltman   715.222.6797
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