inspiration: vol 9.

Hey yo - coming to you from the basement of Berntsen Library, University of Northwestern: home of the "One Direction Jam Session" and other final broadcast before this writer embarks on a journey across many seas: inspiration for today includes fabric by Leah Duncan, India, white, lace, and much on the image for its source.

Its really hard for me to ignore white dresses - especially with little leather belts. 

These sandals are from Sseko - I have a pair myself in navy - the straps are interchangeable and I ended up make a few straps myself. Its really great to have the ability to use these sandals over and over. Plus the proceeds support the women who make them.

wooden calendar....yes, please!

this is a fantastic idea and yellow is a personal favorite

another thing I have a hard time resisting: skirts and stripes, together

yes ladies and gentlemen: Leah Duncan does fabrics - be still my sewing heart

charcoal + burnt brown leather belt is a really really good idea

rifle paper co. is a personal favorite - I find their aesthetic really lovely, its unashamedly feminine but modern. Not fluffy or over the top. A really great combo, if I say so. 

When I browse through my pins and select pictures for inspiration boards, I don't really focus on specific themes. A lot of the time I'm looking for things that remind me of wholesome beauty - loveliness. I like to post things that reflect what's in my heart as portrayed in design, color, and style. Its like a telegram of what I believe in - not the objects themselves - but what they may mean to me - what they say about life, femininity and culture. Its what inspires me today to create and dream.