Journey Corps August Update

Greetings friends,

Its about four weeks before I find myself on a plane to Denver, Colorado to meet my team in person. So, I wanted to introduce to them! We're from all over the country (with a small concentration in Oregon) and our ages vary from 18 to 28.

We all have plane tickets to Abidjan International Airport and from the brief Skype sessions we've had, I can tell we're pretty excited...if not a tad nervous. There have been so many cool stories of God sending funds in just in time and I'm really looking forward to hearing about their own paths to Journey Corps when we meet at the end of August.
A lot of you have been asking how my support raising is coming. Its going well! I'm not at 100% yet, but its only a few thousand more before I get there! Honestly, I can't fathom how I've gotten this far - its been your prayers and partnership that's giving me a chance to learn and minister this next year. I am so excited!

A few things I could really use prayer for this month, the last month....
  1. I need some extra emotional strength to make it through - its been a difficult summer and I'm exhausted. I have some packing to do!
  2. I would love for a few more people to pray and join my financial support team for $10 or so a month. That would be quite lovely and ease the burden of raising support while I'm on the field.
  3. My teammates - just pray that we'd work together well. With the wide age variance, I think it could be easy to misunderstand each other and like any team, we need the Holy Spirit to soften us. 
  4. Pray for the team already on the field (like my friend Emily) - they are awesome and strong and we're excited to meet them, encourage them and be encouraged by them.
Also I wanted to invite you to something...

Also, do you want to join my support team? If so, you can give here!
Its up to you, but I'd surely love to walk this road together.
Shasta Feltman   715.222.6797