new project: knitting

My friends can attest to my new knitting addiction as I cannot be found without a pair of bamboo needles nestled in my bag or working in my hands. This month I have conquered the basic knit/purl combo displayed in a bright red infinity scarf (for that winter I won't be having this year) and trio of mustard hot pads, a bridal gift for an orange haired friend. 

I've now graduated to the herringbone stitch (as shown in #2) and finished a lovely light gray head band with it yesterday. Now for the real test...below (#5) is the beautiful Latvian Braided Riga Bonnet by Allyson Dykhuizen. You see, I'm that horrible person that reads knitting magazines in stores and takes pictures of patterns and inspiration with her ipad because she can't afford (or justify) the $15 for the real thing and then feels really guilty (and rather attached to the hat) and goes back to buy the darn thing for proper instructions (the ipad2 has pretty rotten resolution). "Oh well" she thinks, "I've got birthday money and a 7 hour flight to Brussels!"
The rest are simply on the knitting bucket list: ribbed knit cocoon cardigan, chunky oatmeal winter socks, thick-knit cream pillow cover and because I'm going to ignore that I'm allergic to cats, don't have one, and that I don't know how to crochet: a kitty nest.