Photoshoot: Jaded Blue

A few weeks ago, I have the privilege to work with Mykou from Jaded Blue Photography. She and I worked together on an earlier project and this time she asked me if I would model for a solo-shoot. Well...of course! The girls from Jaded Blue are talented, so sweet, and I left this one feeling so blessed.

As Mykou and I strolled down the Lake Harriet boardwalk, she explained to me the heart of why she loves portraits and how she does it: beloved.

"Beloved is an emerging style of photography that brings together the worlds of art and relationship in a remarkable way. Blending the visual aesthetic of portrait photography with the authenticity of photojournalism, the Photogenic Technique of Beloved gives photographers a simple way to create meaning-rich, fulfilling and valuable experiences and imagery for those they photograph and themselves."

As we walked or sat, she asked me questions about life, about Africa, about my heart - I had recently lost a friend and my heart was in rough shape that day - but Mykou helped me process a lot of it while she was shooting - she encouraged me and shared a bit about her own life. 

Many of you have probably already seen these, but I thought I'd formally share them. Thank you Mykou for your beautiful style and loving heart.