Waiting for something

This morning I stumbled across this painting and thought to myself, "Oi, that's just how I feel today." Waiting, knowing something good is coming but not quite sure what - so I'll bring a good book along, just in case it takes awhile!

My little suitcase has been packed and unpacked approximately one million times, every box and bag moved out of my little room, car cleaned and vacuumed, tickets bought, clothes folded, and now its just a waiting game 'til August 31st. I'll try to keep myself entertained 'til then.

There is something about moving that makes me want to chuck everything out. "I don't need that, I never EVER wore that, does anyone want this...??" I like small and simple living. I like that I can bring a small bag to Africa. How did I acquire all these things? In hindsight, they were mostly craft supplies and can hang out in my parents' art room for the duration. But the 3 bags of garage sale swag I can contribute to me mum's made my heart swell a little bit.