Denver Training: Day 1

"Uffta": the one part of my vocab that's a dead giveaway I'm Minnesotan, and I probably said it enough yesterday that every state from here to home knows where I'm from.

In the twilight my mother, brother and I drove to MSP, cried a bit and said goodbye to many months of real hugs. To be honest, it didn't hit me until that morning that I wouldn't be seeing my mom for a long while. I'm not a home-body but I love that living in Minneapolis meant I could retreat to good food, love, family and a big country yard every few months. Hugging my mom is really one of the best things on earth.

On the airplane over to WorldVenture headquarters I made some friends ("of course you did!" as Whitney drolly remarked on the phone last night) and met an awesome lady named Gayla who happens to love Jesus and has a pretty sweet testimony of Him. The next few hours consisted of meeting all my mates in the airport, eating really spicy Chinese (the food, not a person) for brekky, and finally getting ourselves settled in for training. Though my head and heart ran a marathon, the chance to talk about culture shock and all things anthropological was a cool breeze to my starving intellect. I miss school, I miss my ICS friends and this was overwhelming and beautiful. 

Today: church, more training, rest. 

Monday: DC, Brussels, Abidjan (you know, Africa...eep!)