Week 2: Bouake - Sunday Morning

Bonjour - c'est Dimanche, 8 Septembre, 2013. We all live au village Baptiste on the edge of Bouake. Aujourd'ui en la matin, we walked down our dusty path to the campus chapel for Sunday service...in French. Thankfully, Angelika - pictured as the one with the funny looking man peeking out from behind her head ;) (he is Basolomon or Rod, her husband) - translated for Hannah and I.

After the service, after we had greeted attendee by hand, I found myself in the middle of a girl-pile on my bed. Have I told you about my German roommate, Chrissy? Non? Well, she is lovely and our dorm room has turned into a sort of gathering place for the women. I few minutes later, I was fast asleep

To my stomach's duress, I have recently discovered that I slept through lunch. Maybe I'll scrounge around for cookie supplies and make those instead.....sorry, haven't lost the sweet-tooth just yet.