Week One - Bouake

This first week in Bouake has been so busy - busy like the driver ants that plow across our dirt paths after the rains. Sometimes I wake up and think....am I at camp? I am sure I'm simply a counselor at bible camp and next week I'll wake up in Wisconsin with kitties on my bed. No matter, my mum has promised to supply me with the feline news and I will stay here - waking up next to my German lovely, sweet roommate, Chrissy, delightfully struggling through French and doing my best not to touch men in public (but I just want to hug everyone!) 

Orientation is in full swing and so are friendships. Doubts and fears come in the quiet but I can see Christ breaking through my insecurities already. It's been so great to hang with my 11 teammates and spend time with my dear friend Emily, who has been here for over a year already.