African Survival Guide: Germans

It has been said that the Germans are a peculiar race. I am here to confirm that - ils sont tres bizarre (same word in English, people). I happen to find Germans in my room every night, a congregation of Deutsch speaking weirdos who are obsessed with spätzle. They also happen to be some of my dearest friends here and I treasure them. They are essential to African survival. Let me introduce ...

This is typical Stephan, up in a tree, hunting for grapefruits....he has a problem. But he is brave, he even let me cut his hair for him last month. Ballsy boy.

Here we find ourselves in our usual morning positions - singing a mixture of English and German worship songs until 8 am - Bekki mans the piano, she's a sweet gal, Chrissy singing beside her and Najo laughing with Pauline beside us. They are all incredibly patience with us and are kind enough to speak English even though it isn't their heart language. C'est tres cool. 

We are now in our 7th week of orientation, just one week left before we head north to Senufo country and into our host families.