Boundiali: In pictures

Every couple of weeks in Korhogo, I leave my family and visit my teammates in another town. This past weekend, I spend a few days in a town west of my home - Boundiali. Chrissy and Katie live there with their host families. I slept in Katie's room on a straw mattress next to a room with her six siblings - one of which happens to be the cutest toddler this side of the equater. Ok, maybe that's a hyperbole but I'm inclined to find adorable anyone who follows me around singing all day.

Living in a host family, in a strange culture, is not always fun nor easy. You get drained quickly and are open to spiritual attack because nothing is familiar. However, being with Chrissy and Katie this week really refreshed my spirit - Katie (a Californian MK) is full of energy and Chrissy (my Bouake roommate and German sweety) is the kindest, weirdest soul here. 

The ride to and from Boundiali was an adventure too! On our way to town the first evening, our bus popped a tire and we were stranded on the side of the road for an hour while repairs were made. Since there wasn't much else to do, we all laid down on the pavement next to the 'bush' and gazed at the brilliant stars until the sound of the engine signaled our return. 

Then at the end of our weekend, to add to the chaos and my sudden and unpleasant surprise, my baggage was 'borrowed' for the better part of an hour while waiting for the bus home. For some reason, the driver thought it would be fun to take my bags and leave sans moi, but a quick call to Chrissy, and a conversation with a fellow passenger sorted the misunderstanding out in time.

To make up for this craziness on the way home, I was treated to a conversation in English with the son of a local village chief - definitely a gent!