January Update

Happy New Year,

The evening is cool and the sun set about a few hours ago. My friend, Drew, and I just took a walk around the Baptist Campus, where we live on our days off. I'm here in Bouake to fix my little ipad that fell a few feet and decided to spider crack its way to death. I am also here to make cookies. Lots of cookies; a peace offering to my Ivorian family for leaving them a few days early.

For dinner we splurged and bought a pizza from one of the new shops in town, a sign that Bouake is sprouting anew after 10 years of war. Sorel, a student on campus, joined us for an hour of eating and conversation - reminding me why I live in Cote d'Ivoire.

Earlier that day, as we passed each other on the way into town, our girlish screams of delight startled the moto driver. Later, munching on crunchy crust, we covered subjects like public health education, our craving for christian community, and how someone stepped on her glasses and now she's practically blind. We talked about our mutual friend Pauline (pictured above), and mourned that we wouldn't see each other for a few months. Sorel is my unexpected friend - and "Franglais" is our language.
Aside from today, life is progressing little by little - I now help lead an English Club for youth at my friend's church, hoping to start one at my own within the next month. Guitar lessons are the new thing as I lend my baby skills to anyone who wants to learn. My teammate and I also host kid's club each week to distract the children of seminary students while they are in class (its hard to study when junior is having temper tantrum outside your classroom). The rest of the time is filled with French-language-learning, household chores with my Ivorian family in Korhogo, and meeting lots and lots of people.

But, what we're doing here barely scratches the surface - we're just learners and we need your prayers for courage and endurance. In the end its Jesus who guides us to the right people, right places, at the right time. We pray and wait as we learn this new way of life - asking Him to show us how and when to work. And, to tell you the truth, its us who are changing.

Thank you for all your letters and presents the past few months - if you'd like to send a letter or package (no dead cats please, Antioch Community Group!) you can send them to:

Mission Baptiste
Shasta Feltman
BP 109
Cote d'Ivoire
**note: it may not arrive for months, our post is rather capricious**

As always, you can follow more of the story on my blog...
All my love,