New Year's in Africa

We gathered spoons, plates, and cups. She laid the table with flowers and candles. He tossed wood into the fire, burning on our right. We came with our supplies, faces black and white - finally together after a Christmas apart. German, Senufo, English - French and food uniting us. It was a New Year's banquet under the stars. 

After another 3 weeks and a Christmas passed in our host families; after malaria and an appendicitis, we sat at our table to eat together and welcome 2014 in Bouake. 

The previous 3 weeks were full of traveling for me - up to Nielle, on the border of Mali, a little village with the best bread this side of heaven. A brief stop at the hospital in Ferke for the appendix-(probably not the way to spell that)-infected-teammate. Then, back to Korhogo, for a last week with my family, preparing food for Christmas, the night of dancing, and a surprise week of guitar lessons - teaching side-by-side with Journeyers from 2010 - Jason, (Rob-husband) & Naomi. Little did I know when I arrived on Ivorian soil that my baby guitar skills would be called upon in a big way. I am now commissioned to teach 4-5 learners from my own church the language of 'la guitare'. Prayer required, s'il vous plâit. 

I'll write again soon, you're not forgotten.