A little break in Ferke...

Every 3-4 weeks we gather back together as a team to relax and debrief the month we've had in our families. This time we met in Korhogo, my city. It was great not to have to climb aboard a questionable metal box and speed 104 km/h down the route to Bouake (our normal headquarters) this time.

We packed into a missionary guest house on the seminary campus for sleeping/eating and spent afternoons on the patio studying French and Senoufo proverbs. It was odd for Laura (pictured above) and I to be so close to our African homes but not at home. Normally we're at the seminary to occupy 10-40 little tikes every afternoon - but this time we got to enjoy their company outside of our roles as teachers. Which brings me to my next point: An Open Letter to my Former Teachers:

"To anyone I have ever had the privilege of studying under:

You are a saint. Teaching is like herding cats. You deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for what we put you through.



Anyways,  I hope you are enjoying your winter as we head into the hottest part of the year. I am currently in Ferke, the northern city with the Baptist hospital (don't worry, I'm not sick) and will remain here for a few days. I continue to grow in this incredibly stretching place and I thank you for helping me get here - à tout à l'heure!