February Update

Bonjour de Korhogo,

Dry season is ending and mangoes have arrived in Korhogo. Its been three months since I first moved in with my Senoufo family in Northern Côte d'Ivoire. I am waiting for the rains to come and temper the 'poussière' (dust) that coats my face when I ride through the city on a moto. I wait for the day when I can climb Mt. Korhogo again and watch the rains sweep across the plains and the clouds fall down to weep on the fields.

A few evenings every week, I trek up the small hill a short walk away from my courtyard to watch the sunset over the city - I talk to God about my family here, my teammates, the journey ahead - and my loyal African dog, Bobby, plays bodyguard while peeing on surrounding bushes.
Getting used to new "everything" is still a daily challenge, but the constant French and Senoufo lessons help smooth the process. I still fill my days washing dishes, giving English and guitar lessons, and teaching the children at the local seminary. Most importantly, however, I'm getting to know people - making friends, forming relationships, and praying. This is why I am in Africa.
Thank you for your prayers and support, you are missed and I look forward to hearing from you soon! As always, you can find more stories and pictures on my blog: travelingcabinet.com