March Favorites: my team

From left to right, this is my fantastic-ly weirdo team:

Katie ( she and I obviously missed the mark on the whole jump shot photo thing...), Pauline (our fearless female friend, Ivorian guide, and all around beautiful gal), Chrissy (lovely roommate), Crystal (fellow nerdfighter and lover of fiction), Bekki, Najo (Nahtalie, but she hates it when I say her real name), Laura (my city-mate and resident grandma), Angelika (our fearless wacky leader, wife of Rod-not-pictured-because-he-is-off-doing-something-rugid), Suzi McSassy, Pastor Nanou (local Journey Corps coordinator, my pastor, and all around cool dude), Hannah (she had a snake fall from the sky into her open air toilet while she was doin' her businss...don't worry, she's fine), Emmanual (male foil to Pauline), Stefan, and myself. Also not pictured, Richard, because he too was probably doing something 'rugid'.

side note: I apologize for my lapse of blogger judgement and not having more pictures of my host family and my students, more coming soon!