March Update: Africa & Germany

Here is a reprint of the last newsletter

COTE D'IVOIRE UPDATE: The days are growing hotter as April approaches, I now enjoy the cool mornings washing dishes with my host sisters. They have become true family, we laugh, tease, and eat together. One evening, as I gazed across the dinner table... our youngest, four-year-old Nina, snatched the mobile phone resting beside her. Unaware that I was watching she "practiced" answering the telephone in perfect Senoufo, including customary salutations, goodbyes and "God bless you, Ameena". I burst into giggles. She was perfect; she was perfectly four-years-old. Some things don't change. 
We are still busy teaching and playing with the children at the local Bible Institute in Korhogo. This month we are joined by a German children's artist and are finding ways to help our kids express their creative sides (something that is not typically encouraged in Ivorian culture). Pray for energy to corral our rambunctious gang and patience to work with them every week! Particularly for the little dude, Ima, (fourth in from the left), he's a bandit ;)
GERMANY UPDATE: As I mentioned in the last newsletter, next fall I will be working with a group of Christian artists, through YWAM - Germany. We will be ministering in Germany and Africa with the Marriage of the ARTS Discipleship Training School out of Herrnhut, Germany. You may be asking: WHAT DOES ART HAVE TO DO WITH THE GOSPEL...

"The Marriage of the Arts DTS is an opportunity for artists to step into the Great Commission in a new way - we create art that is informed by God's Word in regards to the "least among these,” intern for ongoing ministries, and help pioneer new ministries while preparing for and serving on outreach" - this year we are headed to Africa after our initial outreach and training in Germany

At Herrhnut, they have seen firsthand the potential that lives inside every artist. They have witnessed how photographs can change hearts and move people to save the lives of children targeted for death due to a tribal superstition. Staff and student’s music was the soundtrack that led young girls out of  ‘Garbage City’ and into an after-school refuge. Their drawings inspired young women to leave prostitution and start a café. They have seen what artists can do working in their own fields; what would happen if artists from every medium joined together... the possibilities are endless!
1. Pray regularly for courage and trust in God's provision and love in    Cote d'Ivoire.

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   Support goal for Germany is $5,600
3. Contribute a FRENCH BOOK to our Nɛrguɛsoho Project in Boundiali.        For more information on our efforts to make Christian literature      available to this community, click on the link above or send me an    email.
Thank you for your prayers and support, you are missed and I look forward to hearing from you soon! As always, you can find more stories and pictures on my blog: