Reality Check

Lately I have been thinking about all the cute pictures we post from Africa - the way they come across to readers. "Look at all those cute little kids you're taking care of! How much fun you must be having! Thank you for all your work for God!" But the trick about blogging and all social media, is that we tend not to show the other side of our lives, the dull, drab or down right horrifying. Its just not great PR.

The truth is there are really great moments, like when all the little tikes run up to you screaming "Tanti, Tanti!!", but there are a whole bunch of other moments in between that are either borning, freaking scarey or down-right-fall-on-your-bed-dont-take-a-shower-skip-dinner-exhausting. Well duh, but the fact is we forget these in between moments in all the pictures and videos and sweet stories. The only reason I am delivering this really depressing news is because its part of growing up.

I suppose when we are young we have dreams of saving the world, either as Batman or Mother Teresa, and we don't count on the really hard stuff that goes into changing it. Or maybe you aren't into saving the world but you have started a family or your own company. Don't feel like a greyish-failure if you aren't having fun all the time. Don't be discouraged if you don't have beautiful pictures of a new baby on facebook or compelling videos of feeding hungry children in Africa. We like to show the sunny side of our lives (and believe me, this is important and encouraged) but sometimes we aren't always on the bright side of the moon, its the dark side and the little snapshots we post don't smell of the sweat, tears and work that went into the final product.So I say all this ... and here's a cute video of me playing guitar with a bunch of kids. They are delightful, we are having tons of fun, but we also struggle. So here's a bright patch for your day. Have a good one!