Africa Update: Knitting Baby Socks

Chausette: French word for sock - sounds a lot prettier than our moniker. There are so many babies being born in my courtyard these days that it was about time I made some for the little tykes! So, this week, three babies (or babies-still-in-tummies) received a pair of teensy knit socks. In between kid's club, french lessons and preparing meals, I found a little corner on my brother's porch to make the little booties. Its the little things...

These newborn socks are very simple to make:

1. Using small double-pointed needles (US size 9 / 5.5mm), cast on 18 stitches, adjust them to about 6 stitches per needle

2. For the initial ribbing, knit 1, purl 1 for 7 rows

3. Finish the rest of the sock, knitting for another 2-3 inches depending on the baby's feet

4. When you have the appropriate length, cut the yarn a few inches after the last stitch

5. Using an upholstery need, thread the remaining yarn tail through all the stitches on the needles, slowly removing the needles as you go

6. Pull the yarn tail and cinch your sock, tying it off in a little knot