Burkina Faso Trip: In Pictures

Driving through the countryside in new places is something that gets my blood moving - every time. There is something everlasting about blasting music and passing Baobab Trees with a car full of your favorite friends. Thatch huts on each side. You are a stranger and you look into their eyes. These are your brothers and sisters, but you don't know them. You don't know their life, their language. But they interest you. You want to know them, but don't know if you can. Its like fire - are you ready to enter in....dark eyes, pain, curiosity, fascination, a life so much harder than mine - but is it? What do I do with my wealth, my car, my white skin, my love? How do I tell you that I love you, don't know you, and that you are a stronger person than I'll ever be. 

photos courtesy of Katie Green & Chrissy Bu