Resources: Calligraphy No. 1

No. 1 usually implies plans for a continuation of the series, for which I sincerely hope to accomplish because it means my calligraphy skills have evolved and new resources have been found. 

I have admired modern script for ages and have had varying degrees of success with "faking calligraphy"but when Brit + Co. offered a lovely online calligraphy tutorial for a reasonable price I saw it as the perfect opportunity to move from "faux" to "vrai". The beauty of faking calligraphy with Micron Pens is that it is easy to learn, relatively un-messy and is a great place to begin if you aren't ready to invest in calligraphy pens, ink and training. However, the results are not as polished: "fill-in" lines are visible and it doesn't have the same finish as calligraphy ink. So I made the jump, got my supply list, watched the tutorial, and I love it! 

I also love using watercolors and have been itching to use them in "script" form but I was struggling to find a brush that left clean lines, my attempts were sloppy, but this tutorial by Melissa Esplin has great brush and technique recommendations.

If you want to get started, I recommend getting a straight pen or oblique pen from Paper Ink Arts and a  Zebra "G" Comic nib from Amazon.

Calligraphy for Everyone - Beginner's video tutorial
Watercolor Lettering - free tutorial
Paper Ink Arts - supply emporium, feat. inexpensive nib holders
Zebra "G" Comic Nib - pack of 3 on Amazon