Twin Cities Guide: Apple Picking

What else must one do on a Saturday in autumn but pick the things that grow this season, muck over the soggy October fields and mush ivory apple guts under one's feet? We went to Aamodt's Apple Farm again, my mom reminds me that she and my father went every year for bushels until I was born.

Chris and I went for apple brats right away. I had a map of the place in my miniature mind-palace and steered us towards the Apple barn. It was chilly. Honey sticks, apple butter, Dutch Crumb Cake, and lots of moms in boots.

I have never had Apple Butter, but the good man at the sample booth hooked me with his sly little pretzel sticks and a bowl of the good stuff. We bought a jar. I think Chris took it home...

But we still had to hit the fields. Back outside we passed families in the kid pen and little ones hopping onto the "HoneyCrisp Express," also known as a gaggle of red wagons pulled by tractor. We were too big.

Crunching underfoot, my mind turns morbid are I squish the fallen underfoot - its an apple blood bath that ends in a fully loaded bag of goodies and loot for the evening pies.

I am lucky to have had Chris, he did the heavy lifting and let me take pictures. I am spoiled.

After our tramp through the rows of trees, we settled back into the wine barn and found a raspberry dessert wine. Funny how much energy walking will take out of you so we finished our purchases and walked back to my little blue car. The long way home.