Back to Basics: A Baton Rouge Bridal Photoshoot

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of working with a great troupe of creatives, who designed and shot this styled photoshoot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We don't make trees like that in Minnesota, absolutely stunning! 

What resulted was the "Blair Style" invitation suite, that is now the most popular style now available in the shop. I am partial to it because it combines watercolor, calligraphy, and gorgeous green + blush ink. 

Some of the best ideas come from looking around your studio and playing with scraps. I had some leftover dyed sari fabric from our wedding and instead of tying a simple bow, drew a little crest and looped the excess fabric through it. 

I appreciated at the resemblances this shoot had to our own wedding: eucalyptus + roses, blush and greens.