Minneapolis, Minnesota





Learn the basics of modern pointed pen calligraphy and leave with your very own starter set of pens + nibs, practice book, and the expertise to jump start your pretty handwriting appetite.. 


We will cover...

A Brief Selection of Calligraphy Styles
Getting to Know Your Supplies
Holding Your Calligraphy Pen
 Letterforms + Alphabets!
 Mixing White Ink
Envelope Addressing







Also included in this workshop...

2.5 Hours of Instruction with Shasta Bell
1 Straight Pen Holder
3 Pointed Nibs
Alphabet Exemplar
1 Pot of Black Ink & 1 Pot of White Ink
Instructional Guidebook
Bespoke Shasta Bell Calligraphy Bag
Practice Sheets & Paper
Wooden Dinky Dip
Assortment of Envelopes
 Light Refreshments

Membership in The Calligraphy Collective Facebook Group


More classes coming Spring 2018



What to expect during this workshop...

This intermediate course is designed for those who have taken our beginner workshop or have alternate experience with pointed pen calligraphy. The workshop will expand on your skills and introduce you to new techniques. We will also discuss trouble-shooting tips and tricks for things that come up during day-to-day calligraphy work. 


This workshop will include the following...

3 Hours of Instruction with Shasta Bell
1 Oblique Pen | 2 Nibs
Gouache Paint
Jars for Mixing Ink
Alphabet Guide
Assorted Envelopes
Practice Sheets

Membership in The Calligraphy Collective Facebook Group

We will cover...

Custom Calligraphy Styles & Flourishing
Envelope Addressing & Stationery
Mixing Inks & Watercolor





More classes coming Spring 2018

*Open to calligraphers with modest experience and Introduction Workshop graduates, please contact with questions